Commercial Truck Driver

Did you know that there is a national shortage of commercial truck drivers? It is becoming so serious that there is an expected need for 400,000 new drivers over the next few years. Trucking companies have even started to advertise for drivers on the backs and sides of their trucks. lalamove vs transportify

If you want to be a commercial driver, you should start with professional training. This usually takes only a few weeks, and many schools have financial assistance resources for their students. Once you have completed the course, most of which takes place in the field, you will have to pass a federally mandated test to get your Commercial Drivers License (CDL). Your CDL will be valid in every state.

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Finding the Job

Once you’ve taken the course, which should include experience on several different types of rigs, you’ll be ready to look for your first commercial truck driver job. You should question in advance whether the driving school you plan to attend offers placement assistance because many of them have connections with local companies and do provide such aid. Before you accept your first job, make sure you get all the details from the employer.

These details include, but should not be limited to, the kind of trucks you will be driving, how often you’ll be away overnight, and what are the benefits. Ask any other questions that you need answers to such as whether their benefits package offers family coverage if you need it. Finally, the national average starting salary for commercial drivers is around $35,000. If you need to accept less, you can try to negotiate a raise within a specified amount of time.