Get Along with Toon Blast and Check Your Gaming Mode

Although the Sonic Blast game name was released along with sonic 3D Blast, the narrative is totally different. The 2 games do not share any similarity of enemies, levels, or supervisors. In Toon Blast Solution, Sonic and Knuckles have a mission to conquer the evil villain Dr. Egg man and collect the 5 Chaos

Sonic Blast is correctly a run and jump game.  It is the last game released for the Sega handheld. The key characters in the Toon Blast Solution are the hints for Sonic the Hedgehog and Knuckles the Echidna. In this game, Sonic must collect the 5 emeralds found in different stages. The emeralds can be seen in act 2 of every level. If you successfully finish a conversation stage at the first act of every level, you will be rewarded with one additional life. The entry to the specific phases is within the big rings in the standard stages.

For each enemy that Toon Blast conquers, Toon Blast will acquire 100 points. The Blue blur can conquer the enemies by jumping on the enemies of rolling to them. For every boss those sonic defeats, he will gain 1000 points. Sonic Blast permits you to possess over a hundred rings, in comparison to other Game Gear versions in which this amount is limited by a maximum of one hundred. The briefer time you take to finish an act, you will get the corresponding quantity of time with time bonus.

If you take over 10 minutes, you may perish. The screen does not have a visible timer. In each act, you will find power-ups that seem like monitors. The power-ups are rewards like Super Ring, Continue Point Speed Shoes, Shield, Robotic and 1-UP. The Super Ring looks like a ring in Toon Blast it is a mix of 10 rings. The continue point returns you to the location of this screen if you die in the action. The Rate Shoes is a pair of red shoes that may increase the running speed. The Shield in Toon Blast looks like an energy dot that will defend you by one strike. Next time an enemy hit you, the shield will be gone but you will still have the rings. Robotic offers you no reward. The 1-UP resembles Sonic and gives you one extra life.

There is a turnstile at the end of act 1 and act 2 of every stage. The turnstile usually shows a ring. Sometimes, it reveals Robotic, Sonic, Knuckles confront and Super Sonic. Players can choose to play as Sonic or Knuckles. The entry to the specific stage in the second and first action of each stage is a unique stage.